Initial Exam

Dr. Faubl is extremely interested in your oral health, and we pride ourselves on our thorough and complete oral examinations. Below is a partial list of what we do for you during a complete oral examination.

During an oral exam, Dr. Faubl thoroughly checks teeth for:

Dr. Faubl reads any necessary x-rays for:

Dr. Faubl checks the gum tissue for:

Dr. Faubl checks the other soft tissues, including the tongue, for:

Dr.Faubl puts all of the findings together for a treatment plan, a plan of action to restore (or maintain) optimal oral health. Please understand that Dr. Faubl makes a treatment plan during every complete oral examination, even if the treatment plan is simply to have you return in six months for your next examination.

Dr. Faubl accepts professional responsibility for the findings and the recommendations. Dr. Faubl is highly trained and experienced and is often capable of performing such thorough exams relatively quickly, for your comfort and convenience.

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with excellence in dental care. Because we care about our patients, we sincerely appreciate your questions and concerns.