Marilyn Steadman

Marilyn Steadman is a life long resident of McHenry County, living in Woodstock her whole life. Being a lifetime resident in the area, Marilyn can remember when Huntley had a population of 111. She and a younger brother used to joke that Huntley was a booming metropolis with a total population of 3 (the 111 on the sign representing the Roman numeral 3). While in high school, Marilyn worked at Coils, Inc., a factory in Huntley.

Marilyn’s husband is a bricklayer. They have two daughters and one son. Their oldest daughter is a Chemistry teacher at Lake Forest High School. Their second daughter is a dental hygienist in Mundelein, and their son is currently self employed remodeling homes and offices, and repairing dental equipment. Other family members include Katy and Zoe, both mixes rescued from Animal House Shelter.

Marilyn spends her free time in her flower garden when she isn’t rollerblading, or golfing and reding her motorcycle in the spring, summer and fall. She also enjoys downhill skiing, snowboarding and underwater photography. Marilyn has an extensive photo collection of all her various vacations. The entire Steadman family, including their son-in-law, are certified scuba divers. They enjoy local diving, and family diving vacations.

Marilyn has been a dental assistant for 24 years She worked with Dr. Faubl for three years in Woodstock and was so confident in his abilities that she left her previous position to come work for him. She started working for Dr. Faubl shortly after he opened his practice in 2000. She knows you’ll be comfortable with and confident in him, and you’ll be treated with respect and given much care.

Debs Wallner

Debs Wallner comes originally from Wayland, Massachusetts (outside of Boston), but she's been living in Marengo since she was married in 1984. Debs was an Archeologist before she decided to keep digging away at bones in Dental Hygiene. She attended Northwestern University Dental school where she received her RDH in 1983.

She first worked with Dr. Faubl in Woodstock, where Marilyn was the assistant -- a fateful grouping! Debs has worked with many dentists in McHenry county throughout her career, but working with Dr. Faubl certainly stands out as a highlight. "The Doctor is very good and the office is a delight". She was thrilled to be asked to work with his team.

Besides retaining an enduring interest in Archeology, Debs is an accomplished baker. She has provided many charming and delicious cakes for anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings (she's more than happy to clean your teeth after indulging in one of her cakes). Debs has two children. Her son, a recent college graduate hoping to go on to get his master in Archeology, and her daughter a college student. Her husband owns a small department store in Marengo. She has one cat and one dog.


Jane Maas

Jane grew up in McHenry County and moved away to Door County, Wisconsin for several years before returning to McHenry County where all of her family currently lives.  Jane was a landscape designer before becoming a Certified Dental Assistant.  Her transition into dentistry came from a desire to help people in a more meaningful way, and dental assisting provides that meaning.


Jane is also an instructor for the Dental Assisting Program at Elgin Community College ( and enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge for dental assisting with students.  She graduated with high honors from the Dental Assisting Program and has a B.S. in Health Care Administration.  Jane is also a member of the American Dental Assistants Association and is grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Faubl and his staff.


Jane lives in Woodstock with her husband Kurt and a cat named Nickel.  In her spare time, she enjoys being active outdoors with hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, golfing, tennis, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends.  More traveling with her husband is one thing on Jane’s bucket list and she also plans to sky dive one day.